The Instruction Manual Your Body Didn’t Come With
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New Moms

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Why Brent knows what he is talking about:
I have two young boys and will soon have three children in a 38 month span.  I have ate, breathed and lived babies and pregnant women for the last three years (all of my friends are having babies too).  Prior to turning my personal life into baby land, I also worked at Diane Lee & Associates where I treated countless women pre, peri and post pregnancy.  I trained to use a Real Time Ultrasound to visualize deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as helped Diane with research on Diastasis of the Linea Alba (abdominal tear common to pregnancy).  I believe new moms face the biggest physical and mental challenge of their lives in the first few years after pregnancy and unfortunately most women never recover their posture and movement patterns properly and are left with pain and dysfunction years later.  Learning the Six Degrees of Movement skills before and during pregnancy, then relearning them afterwards are essential components of helping women get their bodies' back after pregnancy.  This website will teach women: why things hurt, how to prevent/fix them and what they need to do to get strong again.

WTH Videos & Posts to read (Recommended order):
  1. Six Degrees of Movement: Life as a workout
  2. Everything your mother taught you about posture is WRONG [Video] [Text]
  3. What is my Core? Depends who you ask [Video] [Text]
  4. Movement: Your body is the car and you are the driver
  5. Pregnancy, Pain & Posture: a video progression to restore movement
  6. What does it mean to be hypermobile?

*There will be quite a number of videos listed in this section that should become available in 2012...please check back regularly

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