The Instruction Manual Your Body Didn’t Come With
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Why Brent knows what he is talking about:
I grew up with two PE teachers for parents and competed in every sport that was available to me.  I have played a lot of soccer and rugby, but my favorite sports are wake boarding and water skiing.  I have run cross country and track and field, played basketball, volleyball, badminton and baseball.  I am a jack of all trades, master of none athlete that can play most sports competitively.  I have been trained at the PGA level to work with golfers and currently work with a number of the top masters level tennis players in Canada.  I work with athletes to improve their efficiency and skill at moving well for life and their sport to eliminate chronic pains and prevent future injury.  

WTH Videos & Posts to watch (Watch 1 & 2 then pick topic):
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  1. Six Degrees of Movement: Life as a workout
  2. Everything Your Mother Taught You About Posture is WRONG [Video] [Text]
  3. Why Things Hurt: Explain Pain [Video] [Text]
  4. Golf: The fundamentals of movement
  5. Golf: Physical restrictions creating hip slides, reverse pivots and back pain
  6. Golf: Improving trunk & lead hip rotation
  7. Tennis: Court mobility
  8. Tennis: Serve and ground stroke flexibility
  9. Tennis: Explanations for arm, shoulder and knee pain
  10. Running: The fundamentals of movement
  11. Running: Teach me about shoes & feet
  12. Hockey: Groin pulls explained, fixed and trained
  13. Soccer: How to prevent ACL tears

* Numbers 4-13 will be added to WTH in 2012, please check back regularly
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