The Instruction Manual Your Body Didn’t Come With
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Why Brent knows what he is talking about: (Read Bio for detail)
I have been a physiotherapist for eight years (Grad 2003) and have experienced the public and private aspects of health care in big cities and small towns.  As a student, I had the opportunity to work in hospitals on medical, rehab, and neurological floors.  I have been in the operating room to see total hip, knee and shoulder replacementsProfessionally, I have worked in work conditioning programs, sport performance programs, and a big private medical centre.  I started my own private physiotherapy clinic in 2006 while working part time at a well established and respected clinic.  I currently run two offices in Vancouver, BC.  One is in the biggest medical centre in British Columbia where I work with five family doctors and the other is in a large personal training centre where I work with kinesiologists and strength & conditioning coaches.  I have a good working knowledge of medical systems and how they relate to the health and fitness industries as well as education systems and how most people, including young doctors, fall through the cracks when it comes to learning about how their bodies functionally work. 

WTH Videos & Posts (Recommended order):
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  2. Six Degrees of Movement: Life as a workout
  3. Everything your mother taught you about posture is WRONG [Video] [Text]
  4. Why Things Hurt: Explain Pain [Video] [Text]
  5. What is IMS Acupuncture? [Text]
  6. Principles to follow when you back is sore [Text]
  7. Physiotherapists vs. Chiropractors: which one should you choose? [Text]

*Videos and posts will be added to this site throughout 2012 that will highlight various aspects of the allied health system and how to use services like physiotherapy, naturopaths, massage and osteopaths instead of just your family physician

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