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How to use WTH effectively

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When you sign into the members section of Why Things Hurt, you will see that the navigation bar across the top changes to:

                  Home                   Dashboard                      Videos                         Blog

Watch the Tour Video for a demo

The Dashboard is your personal, private homepage to make your own notes as you learn things about yourself.  If you click on the Videos page, it will take you to the video library categorized into five main categories: Fitness, Healthcare, New Moms, Pain and Sports.  There is also an All tab that will show the videos from every category.  You can browse the thumbnail pictures or search key words to find what you are looking for.  If you hold your cursor over a picture, a brief description of the video will appear.  Feel free to browse, but if you want some direction of what order to watch the videos, please refer to the WTH instruction manuals listed on the right side bar of the blog.  Click Blog in the navigation bar to take you to this page.

Once you find the video you would like to watch click on it and it should open in a new screen.  If you click on the big arrow, the video will start to play.  As you are watching it, if you feel inclined to make a note to yourself about something you learned, you can pause the video and type in the space on the left of the screen titled Notes (if you type the time in the video your note is applicable to, it will tag your note to that part of the video).  After making a note, click the Add button and this note will appear on your Dashboard under My Notes with a link to that part of the video for future reference.  If you don’t want to make a note, but would like to bookmark the video to watch again, simply click the Add to My Videos button below the video and it will show up in the My Videos section of your Dashboard.

On your Dashboard you will see the left side is called My Notes and the right side is called My Videos.  My Notes is broken down into four tabs: All, Videos, Injury and Instructor.  Your video notes will appear under the video tab.  The Injury tab allows you to make a quick note about a pain or injury to yourself and date stamp it for future reference.  The instructor tab allows you to record any instruction given to you by a healthcare professional.  Your notes will appear in chronological order, but you will also be able to search for key words to find specific notes under the All tab.

The My Videos section is also broken into four tabs: All, Learning, Doing and Teaching.  Every video on the site is categorized into one of these three types.  If you click add video from the library, the video will end up in the appropriate tab.  This can be useful to keep track of your exercises as they will all appear under the Doing tab in the chronological order you tagged them.

The videos on the site are meant to help you in conjunction with the written blog articles.  If you are signed in, you can freely go back and forth between videos and the blog.  The blog has articles suggested in the instruction manuals on the right side bar and you can also browse the categories or search for key words as you wish.  People learn in different styles, this should allow you to go at your own pace.  If you have questions or comments on any blog article, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, but keep in mind comments from other users are likely not from a healthcare professional, so please use your discretion.

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